Tip 13 for the summer is the amazing theme park Puy du Fou, located in Les Epesses, 43 km from our place.


The Viking show at Puy du Fou. Photo by Padpo – Own work, [CC BY-SA 3.0], Wikimedia Commons

Whether you have kids, or you’re just forever young at heart, with a nack for history (and not for roller coasters and merry-go-rounds), a great tip for the summer vacation is a day (and night) at the Puy du Fou!

This theme park is packed with attractions, shows, little cafés, parks, and just a lovely place to spend a day. The park brings in some 2 million visitors every year, making it the fourth most popular attraction in France.


“Medieval town” at Puy du Fou. Photo by Midx1004 at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain, CC0 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In the summer season 2016 you may see the following shows at the Puy du Fou:

The Grand Shows

  • Le Dernier Panache
  • Triumph’s Sign
  • The Vikings
  • The Phantom Birds’ Dance
  • The Secret of the Lance
  • Richelieu’s musketeer

Night-time Shows

  • The Cinescenie
  • The Organs of Fire

Other Shows

  • The Lovers of Verdun
  • The Renaissance at the castle
  • The Knights of the Round Table
  • The Imaginary World of La Fontaine
  • The Great Waters
  • Traditional Musicians
  • Martin’s Legend
  • The Puy du Fou Odyssey
  • Robot musicians


Roman chariot racing at Puy du Fou. Photo by Midx1004 at English Wikipedia [Public domain, CC0 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you want to see a show or two, or just stroll around the different historic theme areas, have a beer in the medieval town, look at the stone masons or calligraphers working there, have a coffee or ice cream at some other café, visit the little souvenir shops, the Puy du Fou has much to offer.